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Sunday, 29 December 2013



I have previously in another post talked about cancer cure and there are many more. However this information has shocked me beyond belief.

A post from FB comment I made....

Gerald Robert Ballantyne I have just watched this whole video and I am deeply shocked but not disgusted by what I have seen and heard. It will be forever the colour of money and greed that will prevail at all costs and I include the words ''Power and control'' I have placed previous information on my blog about another cure ''One of many'' thats exist, however this information and the drug completely blows up as one of the most important discoveries of our century in medical terms. This is now posted on my blog.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Let's start training, so you can become...

Let's start training, so you can become....

Successful on line

Firstly do you think you could become a millionaire overnight on the Internet.
Answer = No

Unless you have something unique or a special gift, it could be possible, but the chances for most of us that will never happen.

So what is your goal
This blog is about making money on the Internet. However to get riches you have to have knowledge to get it. So I hope you are here to learn how to get the knowledge to acquire money.

First let's get something out of the way pretty fast. Only 2%  to 3 % of people will ever make it, and the simple reason being knowledge gained but never used. To add to that, if your a postman and you have the opportunity to become someone that you really wanted to be, famous piano player, a writer, a painter, a millionaire, work from home mum/dad. Then there are three things you must have and do.

1. Motivation
2. Read, Watch, Absorb = Learn
3. Action

Miss any of the above and the cycle is already broken. Stay a postman. 
(No offence to postman intended)

The mind is a powerful tool and considering our abilities to be able to re-programme the brain, gives us the opportunity to change everything we do, quite literately by doing the three things above.

Hope you clicked the link there, just to make sure you understand that to become different you must change.the workings of your thinking and thoughts to take you on the path you have chosen. So the first thing we need to do is change our thinking by motivation, if you are not motivated to achieve what you want, then how can you expect to get where you want to be, make sense.

There are tons of information on the Internet for you to look at without going outside your door. The list is endless. For me to talk about motivation when it already exists on the Internet, would be a huge task. So here are some links to websites and videos that will help you. Let us sow the seed of motivation and start the mindset change. I did it, and I can help you do the same. I can even help your financial situation while your learning, why not start earning some money while you learn with me.

It want be the big bucks yet, but it will be a start.

Motivation teeser

Now are you willing to start? I promise I want put your head under water, although the knowledge coming, could do just that.

  "The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, I wish someone would come by and turn me on. What if they don't show up? You've got to have a better plan for your life than that."
- Jim Rohn

Motivation is not the golden key to success it is many factors of which we can title as we go along on this training. We need you to find out what will push your buttons to take the action to move on and away from where you are right now.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Of all motivational videos, this is in the face.

 Of all motivational videos, this is in the face

I have nothing else to say

Thursday, 12 December 2013

No one is more powerful than self

No one is more powerful than self

When I first watched THE SECRET some years ago and it was listening to all that was said, by many great philosophers of our time and past, that only then was it really and truly open to me that no one had the right to control my life and use it for their gain.

It was also a time in my life where I had enough of being used and not even being rewarded for what I did for so many years. I have no regrets as to where I was taken (Travelled the world) however should I have not be on a better plain then and years later even better.

Of course not I had no idea that some secret society ''call it what you wish'' lay hidden all around us and controlling everything. If you think about it, we humans are running the planet ''So who are the top people'' giving out instructions. The mind boggles to this disgusting control of human life, without it though there would be no order only anarchy and destruction. And if you read that again, I believe you will agree 100%

Every society even in the animal world has hierarchy, there must be leaders to pass on and show what must be right and what is wrong, you do it this way, you take this path, we will look after you.


Finding this new knowledge exploded my whole existence on this planet completely and utterly
made me realise I do not have to follow those who set paths for me and millions of others. Think about the OIL for instance, without oil we would grind to a halt and do you think that the powers that control all the oil in the world are nothing but mere mortals, you would be wrong, these people are decision makers AND they are right at the top human gods making decisions based on wealth and greed and necessity. What ever they dictate say or do affects your wages, your lifestyle in fact your whole life, And that's just OIL there are many people out there controlling society in many ways.

A long time ago someone opened the first bank so people could have there money safely stacked away to draw on when they wanted. Now look what has happened, you don't even see your money, it has gone elsewhere to be used for other purposes. You don't think your money went into the bank and stayed there did you? Your now borrowing money from the bank and with attachments to boot.

Anyway I hope you get what I am saying, to be really free on this planet, you must make it so.

All I had to was leave the field of entrapment and go it alone.

We still have to pay our taxes and other bills, other than that we are now free to do what we wish. We do not need jobs, but we do need an income to survive and have freely found what we want to do. Looking at a job centre looking for work that we don't want to do and work with people we do not want to work with, and our ''Time'' taken from our lives which is rightfully is ours to choose to do what we wish, is far more better tasting and healthier than I could have dreamed off.

The problem of life as new born is that you have no thoughts of your own, you have to be programmed and guess who set up the programme.

Where would we be today had our parents known the knowledge that I have today, which had been hidden from society for so long and yet so many were telling us in many ways, but we were blinded from seeing so.

It does not have to be that way.

Enhance you life by leaps and bounds by following ''Abraham Hicks'' the link is in the left hand column.

A better life awaits you, just ask the universe, I do we do and we recieve.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Join me and Abraham Hicks

Join me and Abraham Hicks

Follow Abraham Hicks
Note: After first video the videos are audio taken from workshops.

As Abraham touches on many subjects, to place everything here would be a mountain of a job. I will post what videos and what my/our interests are. We all have own questions and life experiances.

Emphasise Positive Manifestations 

People want to convince me of their misery

You are so much more than you realise!

Interview Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham explains how to attract

Monday, 9 December 2013

Are you just talk and no action, probably you are....

Are you just talk and no action, probably you are

What if you could find something inside you that would spark off everything you have asked for in life.

What happened to you on the way to your dreams and desires that never arrived

Seriously consider the lessons in this video. You ARE on the path to become a MILLIONAIRE!!! 

Does not matter what business you do, it's how bad you want it to work

Everyone has the ability to be come very rich.

If only you could find that spark in you to do so

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fix those cogs

Fix those cogs

Personal Empowerment at the Highest Level Quanta offers various exclusive personal empowerment programs designed for individuals who are motivated to take their personal achievement to the highest level...created for anyone interested in accessing power-packed mentoring, techniques, strategies and the daily support you need to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

Each Quanta program employs many disciplines including Letting Go, Hypnosis, NLP, Psychology and more.

Each program on the Quanta journey is designed to unlock the power of the mind to affect permanent and lasting Positive change. NOTE: Quanta is in its pre-enroll phase. Complete details on Quanta's exclusive programs offered and the business will be revealed as we approach launch date.

Jim BrittJim Britt is a seasoned entrepreneur, best selling author, a peak performance specialist and top expert in the direct selling industry. He has served as a success counselor to more than 300 companies and trained more than 1,000,000 people in his seminars.
He was recently named as one of the top 20 living success coaches and received the Best of the Best award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the direct sales industry, as well as trainer of the year award. Jim was also Tony Robbins coach and mentor his first five years in business
Jim is author of 16 best selling books and programs including, Do This Get Rich-For Network Marketers, "Rings of Truth," "The Power of Letting Go" "Unleashing Your Authentic Power," "Freedom," "Money, How to Earn it How to make it Grow," The Law of Realization and "Cracking the Rich Code," to name a few.
He is more than aware of the challenges we all face in making adaptive changes for a sustainable future 

Jim Lutes
Say the name Jim Lutes and chances are a top performer in your company has attended one or more of his dynamic training programs.
In his early twenties Jim made a decision that entrepreneurship was the only direction for him and never looked back. As a Master Hypnotist he took his skills regarding the human mind and combining it with the power of influence, persuasion, communication and proven entrepreneur strategies he launched Lutes International in the early 1990s. His primary focus is on training for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Jim possesses a unique ability to create performance change in an individual in a fraction of the time it takes his competitors allowing them to reach new levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life. The results he produces are nothing short of astonishing.

Change that mind set or be poor in mind and finance.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Are you an Amateur or a Professional

 Are you an Amateur or a Professional

Edward Ludbrook My Mentor

The Professional Development Revolution Has Arrived!
What is the key to success in Network Marketing?
The answer is simply 'Confidence in success'.
It is only confidence that will allow you to take the action necessayr to succeed. YET the challenge is that 98% of people will NEVER have enough confidence if they rely on inspiration to success. The 2%ers struggle to understand this yet it is true. 
The only way the 98%ers will have the confidence is through a competence based Professional Development programme and, for the first time ever, we have a complete effective programme where you can learn the Fundamentals. This is the key to you becoming a Professional so you have a choice; to be an Amateur or Professional!
The difference is simple. An amateur relies on luck and passion to succeed where a Professional relies on competence in skills and confidence it creates. A professional can create high performance. A professional can guarantee success. 

Professional Development is the key to success for most people and the first level is what we call a Builder Professional. A 100% Builder has:
  • Mastered the three Basics Skills – Retail, Sponsor Coach
  • Achieved Momentum Growth in their Network
  • Achieved Unstoppable Motivation & Confidence
  • Achieved the Professional Mindset

Start with the Fundamentals
The first step in Professional Development is to master the Fundamentals to provide you with the strong base and confidence you need to succeed. To give you the direction and clarity of action.
The Fundamentals – How to create a High Performance Network and Achieve Unstoppable Momentum has seven simple modules to ensure you have maximum confidence
  1. Guaranteed Success – Why Professionals Win & Amateurs Lose
  2. Be Professional – Mindset, Learning, Communications & Organisation
  3. 100% Committed – How To Have Unstoppable Motivation
  4. Retail Professional – Hot To Build A High Performance Customer Base
  5. Sponsor Explosion – How To Create a Flood Of New People
  6. 100% Coaching – How To Coach People To Confidence & High Performance
  7. Unstoppable Momentum – How To Create Max Speed Duplication That Keeps Growing
This is an online video-based training programme that anyone can easily complete in 90-120 minutes.

FOR $97.00! Money back refund

I am not affiliated nor have any financial gain from the above info, I am sharing this information as my mentor who set me on my way, can also set you on the road to professional status and success.

Monday, 26 August 2013

What if you could build an online business where recruiting is not required, buy them instead.

What if you could build an online business. 
Where recruiting is not required 

Tracy Davison speaks about systems that create millionaires.
Although this video was made for the defunct Zeek rewards business
his message does convey the same approach as to this business.

Here is another and probably the one you need to watch URGENTLY!


These people joined like so many others around the world.
How about you, are you struggling to make it online, can't recruit, no problem!
Click each photo for details for Penny Matrix link 
And join who ever is closest to you

George Canada Ontario             Patti USA Ohio                     Denise USA South Carolina     Trevor UK Manchester

Sheryl Canada Alberta               Gerald UK Scotland                   Susan USA Iowa                 Deborah UK Crawley

Lenny USA Texas                  Chris UK Oxford           Kunika India Kalkata                   Lee New Zealand Auckland

Anne UK London          Angela Apeldoorn Netherlands              George Ghana                      Ellen BC Canada

Rob KZN South Africa            Harold Texas USA        Vivian Ottawa Canada                 Who will be next

So what is so special about this business

No recruiting - unless you want to
No calling anyone - unless you want to
No need to talk to family and friends - unless you want to
No meetings - definately not
No traveling - definately not
No convincing - those who see will join
No business cards
- definately not
Just buy your team
Watch this video
The video which was produced a Little while back mentions

Watch this company unfold in real time
WARNING! There are a lot of 4 minute videos on the forum site. If you have buffering prolems due to many videos trying to load then use this link for youtube. 

You can if you wish, create a matching bonus as shown in the video. This is called a 2x2 matrix which means you only have to find two people to join you and when they reach the magic $6000+ then you get exactly the same in bonus. Only two people need find two people and so on and your matrix builds.

So depending on your need on wanting a lot of money. You can either buy your people and build your matrix OR find two who want to do the same and your income then explodes into something far more than you had wished for. As your saw, even if you wanted just $1000 a month it is easily attainable.

Since the start up of this matrix it has improved?
Remember those spaces you saw, well that has now gone. We now have spillover which means people will be filled into those spaces without you do anything.
Now I bet your excited!

What else is there?
What you want to see

As you can see 2X2 growth of your business either by showing two people or buying two people. If you bring in your own direct referral's you will receive that matching bonus.
What else is there?
A video to explain it better for those who like the chalk board

Our founder and CEO of the Penny Matrix Tracy Davison

What else is there?
Your probably wondering how you can buy people to join your business.
How would you like 1000's of recruiters working for you to build your business and this is the secret of this power full business.

Tracy Davison had a thought and from that thought. How could he build an organisation so big that not even he could handle the influx and at the same time offer something so unique that gave massive employment to so many who in turn could also make an amazing amount of money.

This is how

So there you have it a call center to help your business in the Philippine's and at the same time helping thousands of Philipinos have employment and happy families.

Did you know that so many Philippians's leave the country because of massive unemployment. Tracy Davison has now created a huge employment base for so many and given hope to so many.

Meet Rose who will be your Phillipino agent contact in the Philippines
You can friend Rose on Face Book
and conduct your business with her after you have signed up
with anyone on the team shown on the left
Rose would ask a small favour once you join the Penny matrix to join this for free
You can use the site if you so wish but no obligation is required.
This will help Rose to become a director for the Pinoy recruitment center
Just by signing up. Thank you

Today, take our amazingly incredible and awesome
2-in-2 Challenge
creating a Monthly Recurring Income of Drum-Roll
Per Month
2-in-2 Challenge
Get 2 people signed up in 2 days! Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on - AND - In 28 Days, Voila...
Per Month

Get more than 2 others and this amount goes much higher with our 100% Matching Bonus Pay!

Our new Penny Matrix program is just what everyone's looking for now because of the financial instability around the world. Built with an extremely low price to suit today's economy, we are already in many countries. So, is the "answer to prayers" for many people

Residual income gone crazy
Yes,are you kidding!? In no time at all - just a matter of DAYS - and for just a mere 7 bucks to get started, create a huge Recurring Income that keeps paying EVERY MONTH!

Just sign up Get in this Exploding Program Now! You get to pick out a valuable ebook every month from our huge library.

You will get an early spot (Permanent, yes your spot will never go away - even if you are inactive for a while!)

In a powerful newly designed and unique 2 x 14 forced company matrix that is currently exploding in the U.K. and now in other countries around the world... "a Book-of-the-Month Club on Steriods!"

What else is there?
Once inside you will find another business that you can make a lot of money from and millions across the planet use them.
Now you maybe thinking this could be a scam like many do. However it is not as we have a product besides the matrix of which every good on line business must have to be legal and above aboard.

What else is there?

A full back office to cater for all your requirements and contact list of everyone in your Matrix (Contactable)

What else is there?
We have our product and fully functional ebook website with payment portal (Pay-Pal) of which you as a member can download for free any ebook, once a month.
What else is there?
If you are a marketer, we have scripts and banners to promote the business and links to various sites for you to promote.

What else is there?
Face book page (Penny matrix) to help you. You can also join Tracy Davidson's Face book page and become a friend with him.
Two skype rooms, one of which will be mine should you join me and the team.

What else is there?
Pay by Credit/Debit card, the cost of joining $7.00 using our processor to join
More processors coming soon

What else is there?
How do you buy your down line. This is done by using Western Union and your Philippino agent who we shall introduce to you. Who will show you how this is done. All very easy and on line and no need to pop into your local downtown office.

    Pinoy recruiters out with the BOSS

There are now 13 directors

Congratulations to the Pinoy recruiters

If your a Markerter - Go get that two and another two and another two
and watch that bonus go through the roof

What else is there? 
Simple! Come and join us and build yourself a huge business with all the backing and help you need
Click the photo links at the top

Saturday, 3 August 2013

If others can - Why not you - What is your attitude

If others can - Why not you - What is your attitude

When I first started on the Internet I had no clue what to do. Did that stop me investigating, did it stop me from learning because it looked hard, did it stop me when I saw so many real people making a fortune on line and thought I will never be able to do the same. Could I do the same, could I learn everything there is to know to do so. If I can learn to walk on two legs and if I could motivate myself to get on board a 100,000 ton bulk carrier at the age 19 and leave everything I knew behind. Could I go and live in another country far far from home. Could I jump of a 130metre high bridge just for the fun of it. Could I do anything I wanted and succeed at it. The answer was simply.

I know many out there who will make any excuse ''I can't do it''. And you know who you are because I have met some of you. We all have the same brain with a capacity for learning and reprogramming.

Today, most would agree without argument that the potential of the human brain is infinite. Thus, to state that a person uses 10%, 5%, or even 1% of their potential brain capacity (infinity) is overly generous.

I know so many who sit at the bottom step and then they ask me ''why can't I be like you'' I do believe they answer there own question without me saying anything.



Pulling together

And you think you got problems

Now how strong are you, how much motivation do you have,
what is your attitude like

 Learn the lessons and when you forget them come back here
And watch again and again

Don't say you can't -  Just say you can
Nick has married and has children of his own and this is the man who wanted to commit suicide
I do believe he changed his attitude

The above is so perfectly true, reprogramme yourself. I did.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Not really a post but a reminder

Not really a post but a reminder

Why are you online in business?

This is the reason why

Never ever give up, otherwise you can follow on doing the above.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013



Millions of people around the world are looking at joining a home based business. In fact 8000 a day join a business. If your not rich or comfortably well off then I know also for a fact, that your in debt, in a financial crisis or heading for one and you may not even know it.

As long as you allow others to fill your wage packet then you have no control of whats going to happen to you personally and worse of all, your family. Are you willing to shrug your shoulders and take a chance or are you going to do something about it.

No one is asking you to leave your job, you have to pay the bills but please have a contingency plan in place. Called PLAN B.

Friday, 5 July 2013

I dislike matrix programmes... Please read this


And now I have egg on my face as this business came to light and normally I would have deleted straight away. I took a look and blow me down I joined? crazy!!!

Welcome to the PENNY MATRIX  <<< watch this video


I know thousands of people who join Matrix business's some are brilliant, some are good, some are down right rubbish and only cents can be made plus the need to bring people in can be hard with so many of these programmes out there.

So why did I join this one against all my dislikes for Matrix programmes.  Take a good long look and you will see why.

Take it today, not tomorrow, today - Just Sign Up.
(Because tomorrow you will have already lost 1 day...hey)
2-in-2 Challenge
*Get 2 people signed up in 2 days! Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on - AND - In 28 Days, Voila...
Per Month
(Get more than 2 others and this amount goes
much higher with our 100% Matching Bonus Pay!)
Our new Penny Matrix program IS just what everyone looking for now because of the financial instability around the world. Built with an extremely low price to suit today's economy, we are already in many countries. So, PennyMatrix is the "answer to prayers" for many people... Just Sign Up!
R e s i d u a l    I n c o m e     G o n e     C r a z y... Yes, are you kidding!? In no time at all - just a matter of DAYS - and for just a mere 7 bucks to get started, create a huge Recurring Income that keeps paying EVERY MONTH!

Even-numbered Levels are the "commission levels" on the chart above. There are no commissions paid on odd-numbered levels. Compared with the same amounts structured with a "Seven-Level" as opposed to the even numbers of a 14-Level Matrix, this "skipping" effect produces over 80 TIMES more money throughout the matrix for the commission structure!

Why Network Marketing?  Network marketing has stood out as the best way to make money within the “Information Age.”  While the “Job” was best suited for the “Industrial Age” where everything was measured by the units, such as hours worked, and parts assembled, it doesn’t fully represent the true value of what a person has to offer the marketplace.  Today, tremendous value is given to a person’s social network.  Major Brands alike are all scrambling to find a way to drill down and mine the individuals’ social network knowing that it is absolutely the most cost effective way to move goods and services in the world today.  The “White Noise” of advertising is simply not as powerful as getting individuals to recommend and promote Brands, Products, and Services.  Even the smallest voices can make or break a company by what comes out of their mouths when multiplied by the millions.  People will trust a friend, or even an individual blogger on the Internet (which is completely mobile now) more than a 60 second commercial on the TV or radio.  Finally, the efficiencies of computer automation and the over-regulation of governments combine to reduce the value of an hour worked to practically nothing—all employees seem to be suffering dearly from the lack of money.  Regardless, if they are skilled or unskilled, educated or not.  It’s becoming clearer to every network marketer in the world that everyone needs a home-based business, just to survive in the long run.  The sooner the masses wake up to this reality, the better off they’ll be.  

Due to circumstances beyond their control the people of the Philippines, who for the most part are educated and friendly, suffer from rampant un-employment, and especially under-employment living in one of the world’s dimmest areas when it comes to wages.  Most are still conditioned to believe that all they need is a good job to make it.  So, Pinoy Recruiters will meet their perceived need for a job, while re-conditioning them to accept the reality that what they really need is a successful home-based business.  Our home-based employees earn “Crazy Money” working from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Our flexible work schedules, which are monitored, give our employees so many lifestyle benefits, they are too many to enumerate here.
What does all of this mean?  Not only are we brightening up one of the dimmest economies in the world, we can pass the savings of low labour costs along to our clients!  We can provide a paid sign up to our Clients for about the same cost as a high quality lead for their home-based business.  The exponential factor makes it nearly impossible to calculate the value of each recruit we provide our Clients. 

(Does anyone have any idea how bone-headed simple it is to make money in the home-based business industry?
Step 1) Join.
Step 2) Tell everyone else to do step 1.
I think humans are compelled to find a more complicated reasoning for this stuff to work, but I promise you, that’s it.
It’s our stinking thinking that messes it all up for us and prevents people from living the life they were meant to live.)
Never a truer word said, would you agree.

Watch this company unfold in real time
WARNING! There are a lot of 4 minute videos on the forum site. If you have buffering prolems due to many videos trying to load then use this link for youtube. 

Here is a great call to listen to…. (Listen to at least the first 5 minutes!)

You can hear the sizzle call message
anywhere in the world now…

Monday, 1 July 2013



This post is about reflection and how we actually exist on our planet / in space and protected only by a thin film that should anything happen to it, were all dead. But there is more, we are creating the greatest catastrophes the earth has ever seen, either our protective shield will come to harm or we are going to destroy ourselves by our pure existence. This is now no longer a something that you chat about over coffee, there is now an urgency of biblical proportions happening.

You hear so often  ''the end of the world is nigh'' but only from prophecies and other sources and what is written a long time ago. I believe now that ''the end of the world is nigh'' is not about ''when it will happen'' but how fast it is going to arrive.

Not this video

I am going to let the video take you on a trip that you will never go on but hopefully you will take in the enormity of our fragile existence and what we do now on our planet will determine the future of your children's children's children, we hope.

The astronauts have risen above the earth to face space and what lies beyond, little did they know that what was more interesting was what was behind them.

Not this video

When did you last drink dinosaur water, did you know that the water that has passed through the heavens and the lands and the oceans including every living creature on the planet is now being passed on to you. And yes if you thinking that you may have then believe you most certainly have
(I think you will understand what I saying there).


I said earlier (what we do now on our planet will determine the future of your children's children's children, we hope.) I think I am wrong, there heading for trouble much faster. Our minerals are being depleted, and are not replaceable. Land is being eroded of which it becomes useless to use, so much of our planet is now becoming the opposite of abundant, if we do not join as one then we are heading for destruction.

This video



Next post, below is a tit bit of what I am going to talk about and not investigate?
And good news it is. Although because of your conditioning you may not think so.

1. You Are a Physical Extension of That Which is Non-physical

2. You Are Here in This Body Because You Chose to Be Here.

3. The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.

4. You Are a Creator; You Create With Your Every Thought.

5. Anything That You Can Imagine is Yours to Be or Do or Have.

6. As You Are Choosing Your Thoughts, Your Emotions Are Guiding You.

7. The Universe Adores You for it Knows Your Broadest Intentions.

8. Relax into Your Natural Well-Being. All is Well. (Really It Is!)

9. You Are a Creator of Thought ways on Your Unique Path of Joy.

10. Actions to Be Taken and Possessions to Be Exchanged Are By-products of Your Focus on Joy.

11. You May Appropriately Depart Your Body Without Illness or Pain.

12. You Can Not Die; You Are Everlasting Life.

It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience — for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Why are they holding information that can cure cancer

Why are they holding information that can cure cancer

A controversial subject maybe but how many people through the centuries have used the Marijuana plant for any purpose. Have you used it?

Watch this video

God made grass, why? are we not using it for medicinal purposes.

I have been told that cancer is going to increase by a very large percentage in the next 10 years. This has been told to the public via TV and radio and newspaper. This is how you create panic, it is not information. In my world if you ask you will receive, if your hear you will also receive. So why tell us that cancer is going into increase? rather say we have fantastic news, we have a cure.There is never ever a follow up on the story of cancer success using natures own cures ONLY what the companies have produced synthetically or radiation. Cancer is fear! so why tell the public? I do not understand. Tell us good news. Do not tell us about death.

In 1964, THC was first isolated. In its pure form, THC is viscous if warmed and when cold, it appears as a glassy solid. In most organic solvents, THC displays a good solubility but it is less soluble in water. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts upon the specific sites of the brain called cannabinoid receptors. CB1 (central nervous system) and CB2 (immune system) are the two cannabinoid receptors influenced by using marijuana. Both are activated but not to the full extent. Now that a better understanding is stated about what is THC, potential treatment and medical facts about marijuana can now be discussed. 

THC possesses a mild to moderate analgesic effects, which is beneficial in treating pain. Recent studies have been conducted, indicating what is THC and its cholinesterase action that may contribute to the treatment of myasthenia gravis and fending off Alzheimer’s disease. Spreading of cancerous cells is prevented in the event of brain, lungs and prostate cancers when marijuana’s active ingredient THC is absorbed. Different cannabis strains will vary on their THC content.
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Why do they not tell us that they have tested and still testing everything on the planet to look for a cure and here are the results.

Like oil, drugs play a very big part for the human race and most of it does work, hip hip for the humans and to those who look for genuine cures. I am no expert and freely admit it that I know nothing as to why natural earth born plants are being held back from the human race to cure terrible diseases. Some one told me it's all about money.

The active ingredient in hemp oil is all natural THC
It attacks mutated cells and specifically rejuvenates healthy ones
The side affects of this is HEALTH AND HAPPINESS

The side affects are health and happiness? and chemotherapy? possible death. Now that surely says to you that if you had a choice hemp oil would be the answer.

There may be people reading this and have lost loved ones to cancer. May I ask if you did any follow up on other forms of possible treatments and no matter how outlandish it might be. Did you take steps to find out or even found something that did work. Do you have a story. I and my readers would love to hear about it.

Where does cancer come from, who introduced it, why is it increasing, it is not contagious, is it?. What is happening? why are we not being informed / educated on this. why why why.

From my readings there are other cures around and I also found out that if it cannot be made synthetically, the drug companies will not even look at it. Funny that, palm oil plantations have destroyed thousands of hectares of prime land and forest for the oil. And your telling me we cannot grow the fruit from the amazon forest that would rid the planet of cancer for ever.

Something is terribly wrong!!!

I have this feeling were being controlled
What do you think

Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to get depressed, deliberately

How to get depressed, deliberately

I picked up a newspaper, which I never ever do. When was the last time I bought a newspaper, hard to think when that was, but I know it was years ago.

What is a newspaper, well we know its made of paper and written all over each page is information. Information on what? I stopped reading newspapers purely because of the information in it is either of no relevance to me personally or its just junk to me. Ok so it tells me what is going on in the world and in my town maybe.

Lets go through the one I have and see what is good for me to read and what is not worth a cent.

64 pages. How time consuming.

Page 1.
HIV again!! They think they have found a chink in the armour? Ok this is good news for many. Ill give that a PLUS / Britain's Hungry? 500,000 on food bank. NEGATIVE / Councils beat bedroom tax. NEGATIVE / Taliban, oh no not again. NEGATIVE / Face book sexists PLUS

Page 2 
OMG look at this. Bomb Kills - HMRC in court - Eight on trial - Painkillers and heart attacks - Syria - Trade unions - Anti-fascists - Adverts. NEGATIVE the whole page.

Page 3 
German pencil up his nose - Supermarkets, who has the best tea - Man crashed car while having sex - About Glasses ( The ones you wear) - A letter from the editor (Yawn) - Adverts NEGATIVE the whole page.

Page 4
Hospitals turn patients away - Mi5 Mi6 access to public Internet - The starving Britons story - And that's it. NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 5
First gay marriage - Bedroom tax story - High St sales drop -  Advert - NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 6
Anti-fascists groups - Muslim arrested Immigration - Immigration causing harm to UK economy
NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 7
UK has biggest Co 2 in Europe - Global warming is a natural phase - Murder trial - Adverts NEGATIVE the whole page

Detention of detainees - Taliban - And more Taliban - One big advert NEGATIVE the whole page

HIV story - Gas explosion - Energy scam £900million - Another big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Strikes - Man found guilty of murder - The Brits love Boris - Another big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 11
Seven boys on trial - Public enemy caught after jail break - Big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Fifty three pages to go NOT A CHANCE I am out of here.

This is what the majority of people do on a daily basis BUY the newspaper. For what? information? what is the reason to fill our heads with so much stuff, to keep us informed of what is going on in the world or on the high street? or is there something going on that we do not know about. I already know the answer to that. Lets face it if you can do something about it all well and good, but we know we can't. We can read but we are not allowed to do anything. Blah blah blah and so on.

Why would I start my day filling my brain with stuff that mentally is UN-stimulating and would most certainly have some kind of affect on me during the day and how I think.

I do not need stuff that to me is completely useless. Do not get me wrong, the HIV story is a good one but then so is cancer. Pity though that they don't use what is already available in nature.

 Could anyone create a newspaper that only showed the good things in life
Of course not, that would be stupid. Perpetual misery creates more impact on our emotions than remembering happy memories = Sales = Profit