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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New business and helping all that work on the Internet

New business and helping all that work on the Internet 

No matter what your business is or what your profession everything requires systems and tools to function and to progress.

Here are some traffic methods you never thought of.

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Dear Reader, You've probably seen buzz word of 2015/2016...."Video". In fact - we like to call it the video band wagon, where nearly every product released seems to include the word "video" in it... ...even if it's totally unrelated!

Most popular video player are incredibly feature rich, tech savvy works of art. In fact, we admire how good there features are.. So whats the problem? These video players are built by GREAT technical people...BUT in most cases, many are poor marketers. It's NOT the amazing features that makes a video sell... its the ENGAGEMENT. And guess what? Doodle videos are proven to be the biggest converting, cash sucking conversions tools online. A marketers dream tool.

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With ESP you can take your marketing to a much higher level or maybe you are a teacher and you want to create educational videos for the class. The possibilities of ESP are endless and only stumped by ones imagination. What is the software worth to you? what could it do for your business, how can it make your life so much easier

. Screenshot_2 

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