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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Afraid to make a video

Afraid to make a video

Me too, I was also afraid of many thing in life, but we all overcome don't we.

If your online and in business VIDEOS AND PHOTOS are you armory.
If your scared then contact me and lets get rid of that fear.

About me

About me

2002 is when it all started, back home in the UK after spending 20 years in South Africa with little money some boxes in storage in South Africa and our suitcases.
We had no jobs no transport and just about broke. We lived in Battle not far from the seaside town of Hastings  our accommodation was a bought tent and everything we needed to start our life in the UK and with no help from our governmental system services (They would not give us any help and that is another story) we were truly grateful to the owners of the caravan park who were very helpful and lenient with us while we got on our feet.
With pure determination, need and necessity we both looked for jobs, walking the streets, the Internet cafes and talking to people. I was the first to get a job and it came with a vehicle (That was a god send in its self) Then my wife got a job and now the money was coming in which enabled us to rent a flat and furnish it. We even got a car for ourselves. We had begun our life in the UK from nothing and with no help from anyone.
What we had was not what we wanted and nor were the jobs but when you are down on your luck, you are grateful for everything that comes along. being in our late 40’s life ahead was not looking rosy and some decisions had to be made I had by now been through two jobs one of them working for a major white goods firm in London (Hated it) my wife was doing on and learning about working for the NHS something later she would find out was politically incorrect and very cruel.
It was time to make a move, but where was the question and it was agreed to go back to my old haunting grounds where friends were and familiarity Taunton in Somerset.
Once again rented property and found jobs, yes lucky with my skills and my wife’s experience with the NHS she just simply just got another job with the NHS of which she was to spend the next 10 years with. Myself as a refrigeration engineer and master of a few other skills were now fine and settled, only there was one very big problem, no pension and no matter how much we could save it would never be enough, so our pensionable days ahead of us was looking bleak and depressing, in fact we were heading full on into trouble and a sad end to our what has been an adventure and fun life.
It took a visit to the Bath and West show and parking our car among the other thousand cars and of to see the show. On our return trying to remember where we parked the car (Well we all do it don’t we ha ha ) I noticed a card on a car like so many other cards on hundreds of cars and stole it, it read ”Work from home” it was that day that changed our future forever, I had found the answer to everything.
And our first introduction to a Network marketing company  called Kleeneze
Our first big cheque and a holiday in Egypt (That’s me on top mount Sinai)
We had arrived or should say begun our journey in a new life unknown by many but right under our noses.

No regrets with what I was doing, whether right or wrong I was learning and making mistakes as I went along and that is how it works unless you have someone to follow. On reflection I think I am glad I chose the route I did, it took me places and opened horizons, had I just followed someone I may have missed a lot.
I think experience is good, should the need ever arise to help someone or a question asked, I could in all honesty give an opinion on it instead of a ”I have no idea” or ” No I would not do that” I was and still am enjoying the learning on-line it never stops, new technology , new software, new ideas, new goals and new adventures and a zillion people out there who need help or want to buy something.
So what was the next step, affiliate marketing was not working (My fault) so up came eBay and like thousands have found eBay and thought this is it. I opened a dvd shop with hundreds of DVDs along side drop shipping, now I was learning e-commerce and other skills and software PDF XL docs etc I actually made sales. But with running an on line store so did the complaints come in, many trying their luck ”I never received the product” pays to have tracking and I knew they had but it was not me that had to put up with the complaints it was the drop shippers, it did not do my star rating well. And so Ebay crumpled into the dust and along came Amazon, no I am not going there ha ha ha.
The Internet was now filing up with all kinds of business’s in particular “Products” manufactures of all kinds were coming on-line and needed people to join them as partners or as we know today as ”affiliate marketers” Yes I joined one, a pain relief company which sold a good product I even became an agent in the UK for it and then things started going wrong. I wont go into the story as it would be boring, lets just say another learning curve had been born and absorbed. Just to update you I am now 4 years in on the Internet and still not made any big money, working on line was beginning to look like a no no for me but I battle on. Oh and by the way yes I did Click bank as well.
Then there were the sharks who wanted to save the world I fell for this and so did thousands more, it has been 2 years since I left the last shark $5000 lost and $1 million gone in total. Bad experience and never again.
In the meanwhile I am still learning, my blogger blog has over 470,000 views, learning all about traffic and driving people to where I may have something for them, I am now finding out what it is and what it takes to make it on-line I also came across something else that I knew nothing about ''Rev share business'' basically it is a site for you to add your blog or website and hopefully make some sales and you earn from it, I had joined one previous to that and it tuned out to be another scam and millions lost in that as well, the owners now being in prison, my money in account was $190,000 it was not real and all fake. I was dubious about joining another but this time I struck gold for the first time on the Internet and today my earnings are at $16000 ( Have used some of it, it pays very well and instant) and climbing and started the business in October 2015 with a one-off bought product for $50, we are now looking very good.
But I am not happy, I have taken on board so much information gained so much knowledge I am now realising I can do so much more, not just for us but for others also.
There is one big stumbling block with working on-line and that is having to depend on others to make your fortune and with that comes many ups and downs and the list is long and frustrating. If I have choice to what direction to take then it would be affiliate marketing
No 1 it is accepted world-wide as a very legitimate way of earning income by selling other people’s products, much like a supermarket does, there is very good money in it.
No 2 there is just to many failed business out there and a guarantee that the business will fail or eventually run out of people, you are in a risk world where the strong stay and win or the weak fail and settle to a life of mediocrity. MLM is not easy if it requires members to make it, you just cannot hire the whole planet and considering how many companies are out there I am afraid our planet does not have enough people to satisfy every business so expect a business to fail, I guarantee it, if it has no strong product to sell, it will be gone eventually.
Funny now that I see it, remembering my old blogs and all those products that did not work for me, now I know why and if I had the knowledge then as I do now, we just might be very well off on this day. However we are not but I am on the road and know what to do now.
”’A franchise” I found something and it is ”Affiliate marketing” but franchise style, buy the licence sell the products, get trained by coaches and experts, travel the world on courses, earn very high ticket returns, earn cars cruises holidays and other rewards and you do so all by yourself no dependency on anyone, no need to get other people to join your business to make you rich, just do it yourself. My Internet life our Internet life has just been found and it took 6 years to get here.
Be careful out there, get help with experts, there is no need for you to wait 6 years to get what you want, you could do it in 1 year.
Do you know the story of Colonel Sanders (Kentucky fried chicken) do not think you will not make it, with the right mentor and sponsor and product, you will. He is just one example of some one who would not give up, you can have what you want if your willing to fight for it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Funnel scripts

Funnel scripts or ''How on earth can I do copy writing''?

Remember when we went through ''Split testing'' and we wrote two ads. Well to sell the product we had to come up with some words or script to create the ad with, this is as basic as you can get to be a copy writer in marketing.

What is a copy writer, here is a site on that no point, no need for me repeating or stealing info and putting it here on my blog So you and I are in the marketing game and we sell products and services to customers. I never did go to university or walked out of school with high diploma's in fact even for me to write catchy selling ads or stories is not my forte and neither of us really need it, but on saying that, if you can learn like I am at creating content including sales jargon ''It does give you an edge'' To create scripts and call in a copy writer could cost you thousands of dollars and for one news letter for example could cost you $15000.

I don't think any of us could afford that certainly when your only starting out or maybe midway to earning your first 3 figure income. Headlines, sales letters videos, upsells are the hardest to create in FUNNELS and a copy writer would make mince meat of creating scripts for them but for you and me, we need some help. Unless you're willing to pay the high fees, and often even give up equity in your company or business, it can be really hard and expensive to get good copy done for your funnels.

 You can see a demo webinar showing you a new software program we created that will actually write you copy for you!!! (And it isn't going to cost you $15k + equity)... "How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, ScriptsAnd Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 MinutesWITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter

We have been working on a project for the past few months to make getting all of the copy for your funnels really easy.
Want to see a demo of 'Funnel Scripts' in action?

Split testing, is it worth it?

Split testing, is it worth it?

Split testing, is it worth it?
Have you ever placed an ad online or even in a newspaper. I have and the response can vary and only the right eyes that look at the ad may buy what you are selling it could also show 100 or even a 1000 people interested in what you are selling and if it is a single product and a one off then it is sold, end of story. But what if it is multiple products that millions could buy, you would want as many buyers as possible, that is the idea of advertising and doing it well and making a lot of profit. Split testing is worth it, what do I mean?

Here are two ads
  1. For sale, paperback book on how to buy your dream car within six months Telephone 123456789
  2. Hurry while stocks last, your dream car in six months Visit http;//

 Which one did you choose? I chose the second one and why? The first ad had no call to action as like the 2nd ad ''Hurry while stocks last'' I have no idea what the ''Stock '' was but what ever it is if I want the information then I had best act fast. Also the fact that I could have my dream car in six months coupled with urgency, excited me. It also had a website for me to take a look.

Emotions can play a big part in ad creation and getting people to react. In the first ad I already knew it was a paperback book and that I could probably buy it at anytime, I was not looking for a dream car at the time of seeing the ad (Although it would be nice at some point) my reaction is not to click or call just in case there was a salesman on the other side. I think you would agree the 2nd ad won hands down.
  1. Information ad
  2. Action ad 
One of the biggest failings for anyone or any company is not implementing ''Split testing'' it could be an ad or a web form or a video or even colour. There is no guarantee of any sale of product or service unless testing is done first. I have done this on Face Book ads and the result was quite amazing.

My first ad was costing me $1.73 per click this kind of cost could and would most likely cost more than the product I was selling . This is where people give up FB Ads, I see it all the time, ''Fb ads do not work, to expensive'' if that were true then how is it possible that Face Book make millions of dollars on advertising, it certainly is not because of ''Suckers''. With some tweaking I actually got my clicks down to .05 of a cent and then a little birdy showed me something else I actually got down to .004 of a cent I still have to get that down to .0002 just a couple more tweaks to do  (That was other information and not so much about split testing, just another method of getting lower cost clicks, which I am not discussing here.

So I had proven split testing is very important for profit gain or ''ROI'' no one wants to spend more than the cost of product or service, if you spend $1000 on advertising and your ''ROI'' is $3000 for every $1000 spent, then you have hit the mother load.
Free Book!  108 Proven Split Test Winners!
"Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website, So You Can Make More Money Now!"
  • We added ONE tiny thing to our blog, and is making us $276 for EVERY thousand visitors we get to our blog... (this one is almost dumb, cause it's SO easy to add to ANY blog(Page 9)
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  • What we learned from a recent campaign that added 41,000 new members to one sites in just 30 days (Page 15)
Inside Of This Free Book You'll Discover The Results To These Shocking Splits Tests

Solo ads? We can do better than that

Solo ads? We can do better than that


Discover How Using Us To Send 1,000’s Of Real Humans Beings To Your Website, While Defeating The Bots, Will Get You A Guaranteed 60%+ Optin Rate And A Super Responsive Email Subscriber List…

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The industry of solo ads is raked with scams and dubious characters, this is not the whole industry of course, there are always the good guys. Udimi I highly recommend. But we can go one better  with

Human Eye Balls

Monday, 12 September 2016

Market your business

Market your business

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others who are either struggling online or who have no idea what to do.

As I always say, there are far more Indians than there are chiefs online, which is a shame as so many leave the industry broken and spent. I take it upon myself to help others as I was where you are now or if you are seasoned then something here might be useful.

I cannot help those that have left but I can help those who fight on and for their dreams.

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